Curious Jeff is not curious anymore

“You can’t be successful if you don’t have no team.”
Who said this? Rework it grammatically and it sounds like a Hall of Fame coach.
Nope. Seattle drug dealer. Maybe he had a good coach in high school…

After breakfast this morning, mom and I settled in to a National Geographic special on the drug trade in Seattle. The narrator said that as a result of liberal laws, Seattle has become a hot bed for drug use. One of the early dealers said at first, dealers were somewhat non-violent and didn’t use guns. That of course has changed and the city (as well as others) is being preyed upon.

Side note –  I’ve seen a ton of “99%er” bumper stickers in Seattle. Ironic that many anti-cooperation voters have now given power to motivated entrepreneurs who might become 1%ers, by commercializing legalized pot. 

Because there has been a revolving door of arrests and rearrests, instead of jailing low-level dealers, Seattle police offer help through education. One of the dudes who sold to an undercover cop was so surprised he just had to meet with a counselor to avoid jail, he laughed. He met with two guys and was gone in a half hour.
Link to the program:

I won’t comment much, but I will say that there is something to be said for fear.
When there is no fear of parents, when there is no fear of law, when there is no fear of death, when there is no fear of not being useful, when there is no fear of God or a Higher Power holding one accountable for actions, things fall apart and not just in Seattle.
Sadly, a byproduct of our ability to act, say and believe what we want in this country, is that those with a confused moral compass are manipulated and used by those with none. When people establish their absolute truth of right and wrong themselves and study ways to work loopholes in laws or only look to the government to dictate how they should conduct themselves, we get what we have.
I like Seattle, as much as you can like a city in which you’d never want to live, and I didn’t think Seattle was named the Emerald City because it was shiny, clean and morally sound. I knew it had a drug problem and the show did nothing but verify my assumptions.
But not everyone in Seattle does drugs. Not even close. However every city has an ugly underbelly.

“It feels great to be able to bring such a clean product to the people I sell to.” – Dealer

“I started in high school…I always thought at some point I’d quit.” – User

I’m glad I never started.

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