Home is home…seriously

The weather was snotty, but the waves weren't much.
The weather was snotty, a very Alaskan welcome home.

I’ve always referred to Klawock, Alaska, as home, but lived in Manteca, California.
Now, I’m home, and I mean it. I’m still pretty conflicted, though it’s the other way around. It’s the friends, school and students in Manteca which tug at me. During the 36 hour boat ride from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan, AK, I’d read for a bit, then walk it off. I’d settle into a new spot, write a little bit, then walk it off. I’d be sure of what I was doing, then conflicted, then eat a cheese burger and at least delay the tug of war.
I decided it was good that I had two great choices to choose from. Not everyone gets one good choice. I left it at that when I drove off the ferry in Ketchikan, then kept it while I waited for the IFA ferry to take me from Ketchikan to Hollis. Those last 35 minutes in my truck from Hollis to Klawock went quick. The inciting incident finished, it’s time to engage in the conflicts which come as a result of my decision and make it work.

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