The right way to do it wrong

Dead drift? Nope.
Dead drift? Nope.

In most cases, rules are there to protect us.
In fly fishing, the key is understanding when to break them. Dry flies are supposed to be fished on a dead drift, but nothing has caught me more fish on a particular spot on the Stanislaus River than swinging dry flies – particularly a Griffith’s gnat.
I use the same method on a couple rivers in Alaska too, even hooking rainbows and cutthroats while stripping in the Griffiths.
There is of course a time you’ll need the dead drift, but never assume that’s the only way. Finish the drift and let it swing. Shoot, even let it sit in the current for a second, then give it a good hook set before tossing it back into the lane.
What do you have to lose? Well, a fish, which is the whole point….so ignore that remark.

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