Sometimes the fish can wait

No complaining here.
No complaining here.

Yesterday at this time I was rushing out the door unshowered, under-fed and decaffeinated to get to the Thorne River. Today I woke up knowing I only had two weeks left of my summer in Alaska and needed to adjust my attitude before moving on. And no, not just because a happy fisherman catches more fish. I whine a lot at the end of my summers home but I’ve got no real complications. People come to Alaska for a 5-day trip of a lifetime. I’ve got 14 days here in front of me and 56 behind.
My life is a Zac Brown Band song – minus ‘rolling a fat one’, body parts in sand, tequila and romance.
I spend every sunset in a plastic lawn chair; the ocean in front of me, campfire to my right and home behind. What kind of a jerk would complain when that’s going on?
The good days will end, until then I’ve got silvers on the Thorne and knife-wielding friends to talk fishing and poke campfires with.
Life is good today.

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  1. Minnie says:

    It’s always good to have you home, Jeff. Glad you got to have fun.
    That homework stuff really does take a bite out of it, I know.

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