Fairbanks Day 1

Not huge, but certainly beautiful.
Not huge, but certainly beautiful.

Most interior Alaska rivers are running high and dirty right now thanks to a late break-up and recent rain. I was supposed to head down the Chena on a guided float tomorrow but the Chena is more than fussy and has run out of her banks in spots and is filled with debris such as logs which make a drift dangerous.
Thankfully a casual recommendation from an employee at the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Fairbanks put me on a creek in which I was able to pull out a couple in a short period of time. The bank is being cut and it’s high and muddy, but the fish were rising to small mosquito patterns and taking black nymphs. Saved the fishing part of mom’s retirement trip to Fairbanks for sure.
All grayling from this point on are gravy.

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