Lower Sac Day 2


I’m sitting, sunburned, at the desk in the La Quinta hotel room, waiting for my turn to shower off the sweat and slime from the day. What a day it was. I’ve never been out with a guide before, so the half-day trip we booked through The Fly Shop was three years in the making. I learned quickly that fishing from a drift boat takes different skills than wading from shore. Yeah it is more productive, but casting, mending, giving line, hook sets and fighting are all different. I had a slow start to the day, and just when I started to get nervous, things turned on.
I split half of my hook ups between jimmy legs and a dark lord. In the other boat, JJ and Eric had success with egg patterns. No earth shattering insight there, just standard Lower Sac patterns.
While there is something to be said about figuring out everything on your own, which I have done in large part, being around someone who does it for a living can really help hone in the minute details that can make you a better fly fisherman.

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