Little is huge

I’ve never been all that excited about clubs like the 20/20 because you should fish to fish, not create a resume. However, the more I threw flies at trout, the more I thought it would be cool to gain membership by catching a 20-inch fish on a size 20 or smaller hook. My motivation for getting out on the water is not to tally such a trout, but if you keep fishing, it’s bound to happen at some point. Sometimes big fish are picky and you have to go small. Today was one of those days, and I ended up pretty close to the 20/20 mark netting this fish that went for just under 19 on a size 20 zebra midge.
Picture of beautyThat fish also happened to be the first on my new Sage ONE 6-weight.
I really loved my Sage VT2, but wanted a little bigger rod for bigger Alaska trout and smaller Alaska salmon, so I investigated the ONE and bought one with part of my tax return. It is strangely awesome. It’s fast action, but it’s light and doesn’t sacrifice feel. It’s so responsive, yet it can chuck. At one point today I was throwing a double nymph rig with two pieces of tin shot and the rod yawned. No sweat. I threw dries and still had the feel I wanted.
It truly is a great stick.

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