Gear Review – fly lines

Fly line is expensive and pretty important to the whole fly fishing thing. The line that came with my starter kit was supposed to float, but only hesitated on the surface before sinking. I was turned on to Rio products early in my fly fishing days and haven’t been disappointed.

Rio Trout LTThe Trout LT is a great choice for sneaky presentations of dry flies either from roll casts or conventional throws. It dutifully stays on the surface and is durable. Retail puts it at $75, but it is a great line and worth it. If you are looking for a more all round line then the Rio Gold might be the way to go.

I bought my first two-handed rod about a year ago and went with a popular set up among steelhead fishermen. The Airs Shooting Line surprised me because it resembles mono. This means that when paired with the Airflo shooting head I bought, I was able to absolutely chuck a sink tip with heavy streamers. Given a little back cast space, I could reach anywhere on medium rivers. However, with cold hands sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of the thin shooting line. It says it is made for casters of all levels, but having a little experience would benefit those who go with the Varivas Airs/ Airflo shooting head combo. 
Shooting lineAirflo tactical shooting head


Thanks to more confined areas and nymphing prospects, I bought the Rio Switch line and have been impressed. It’s a great line for casting heavy nymphing rigs with indicators. Again it is durable, and easily provides for numerous casting styles. Depending on the water and your budget, switching spools between these two set ups would be ideal for stalking steelhead and salmon.

Rio Switch line

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