Wader shootout

I’ve been a fan of the rod shootouts that Yellowstone Angler has done so of course I was drawn to their wader insight. The first pair of waders I wore out were bootfit which were nice for ease of use, but weren’t the best for ambling over fussy terrain. My current waders (Simms Headwaters) finished sixth in this shootout and scored about right in every category. Its lowest scores came in three areas which are pretty subjective – style (6/10) storage (6/10) and suspender system (5/10). The suspender system isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t pay another $50-$100 for a better one. While they are quite comfortable, the poor breathability score (12/20) isn’t too far off. But again, I’d rather sweat a little than pay an extra $100.


The Polar Plunge, while funny, is the first time I have seen video of PFDs on waders. Hope they got paid hazard pay, or at least overtime.

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