Super Bowl notes – Second half

– Jacoby Jones is faster than me.
– Good news for the Niners you can still use all your half time adjustments because you haven’t played D yet.
– Lost sound. Awesome.
– Lost lights. Awesomer.
– Chaos in New Orleans.
– The ETrade baby has run its course. It’s time to move on.
– “Hey, Steve Tasker, you’ve got this. Just start talking, there’s no power to anything else. Fill time…talk about stuff. Use a lot of words…now get us to commercial…”
– Woah. My internet just shut down too.
– The Bud Light luck commercial was weird.
– If I go online to vote for who will win the Coke, if the winner is from New York, is the size of his winning Coke reduced to meet regulations?
– “Steve, you’re back on. Just keep stating the obvious, kick it over to your counterpart so he can do the same. ‘Bewildered’, great word. Use more. ‘anomaly‘ yes! Okay, kick it to Jim Brown. Jim – restate everything the other guys have just said. Now do the analysis you would have done had the halftime show not been more important than the actual game.”
– Fifteen more minutes of delay. This is awesome.
– I wish we could cut to Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson right now.
– Steve Tasker for Super Bowl MVP.
– …
– …
– …
– …
– …
– Why would the league have to make a statement? The lights went out. They were on, then they weren’t. It was light, then it was dark, now it is light again.
– Power outage clock approaching 30 minutes.
– …
– …
– …
– Clark Griswold drum roll and…….we’re back to action. Punt. Punt.
– I hate Axe and their commercials.
– Kaepernick is a stud. Great run by Crabtree. 28-13 Ravens.
– If a Kia was given to me, I would give it back because that commercial was so stupid.
– The second halftime looks to have energized the Niners. Game on.
– Great block, Gore in. 28-20 Ravens. 106-16 in yardage since the power outage.
– Turnover. Unreal. Collapse is too early in the game. Ravens have enough time to reorganize.
– Great defensive play to force a field goal, which is MISSED, but there’s a penalty. Wow. Still, rather than a TD and extra point conversion to tie it, or pull to within one, the Niners still need a touchdown.
– Jones just got destroyed. What a hit. Ravens slowing the game down a bit with the run, then nice call on 3rd and 3 to keep the drive going and making San Fran play defense.
– Great run on 3rd down, but Pierce is hurt. Better outlaw that tackle and fine people.
– Leon Sandcastle. Funny.
– “The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish sandwich from Carls Jr…forbidden by Alaskans everywhere.”
– Great drive by the Ravens, but big stop by 49ers to keep it a 1-possession game. If the Niners score, they go for two, it’s a tie game.
– Dodge “God made a Farmer” commercial – awesome. Epitomizes work and responsibility to carve out a good life, not whine until it’s given to you. I own a Dodge.
– Niners haven’t missed a beat. Drive right down the field. Kaepernick is a stud. 31-29.
– Challenge the spot after a wasted timeout earlier. Could be pretty huge here if they don’t reverse the call, but it should be reversed.
– Oooo Tide commercial. Washing the Montana stain. Funny.
– Unreal. Throwing on 3rd and inches. You don’t win a Super Bowl by being timid. Now a big run by Rice.
– Ray Lewis should be retired by now, but thanks to the power outage, he’s still playing.
– Great throw on 3rd and short. Bad catch. Field goal. 34-29. Niners will score a TD on the next drive.
– Still can’t believe there is a Fast and Furious 6.
– Kaepernick going to go Vince Young vs. USC to win this thing? Nope. Going to throw lasers. This guy is a freak.
– Glad I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy. That commercial was awful.
– Here we go. 4th and goal from the really close. Lots of pressure, pass incomplete. Had this been the 2003 National Championship Game, the officials would have waited 15 seconds then called pass interference.
– Weirdness now. Punt? Run around? Take a safety?
– Playing the safety. Nice poise by the kicker, the dude who is all about holding the ball a little as possible has to run around in his own end zone. Ha.
– Ravens win, and Edgar Allan Poe does nothing in his grave.
– Meanwhile…

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