Super Bowl notes – First Half

– The kids choir should have done America the Beautiful and National Anthem.
– The Super Bowl should never be played inside. Football is about mud and grass stains, not rug burns and recycled tire rubber.
– Whisper yelling commercial!! Brilliant. The whisper-yell scene in The Other Guys is hilarious.
– Article in this weekends Wall Street Journal cites a study by the Mayo Clinic that says, “the risk of injury in youth football does not appear greater than other recreational or competitive sports.” I’ve been concussed twice in my life. Once when I went down my steps in a box and the other during PE when my legs were clipped and my head broke my fall on the gym floor. In the past three years as a basketball coach I have suffered three head injuries in which I drew blood.
– First quarter finished, 7-3 Ravens. This game should be played outside.
– There are six Fast and Furious movies. Six. And my school district can’t afford new textbooks.
– Remember when Ted Ginn returned the opening kick off of the 2007 National Championship Game for a touchdown and broke his foot in the celebration?
– First turnover.
– Ed Dickson just made a nice catch. Good job. Hand the ball to the official. You stuck it out, he held his hands out, then you just dropped it.
– Dickson just made a catch, held the ball out, and handed it to the official. See, was it that hard? You can make more catches.
– First turnover leads to another Baltimore touchdown. 14-3 Ravens. Two weeks ago I posted a reference to the fact that the Ravens were named after Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, and no one “liked” it. What kind of “friends” do I have? I bet they’ll go see Fast and Furious 6…nah.
– If I had a Twitter, why would I follow a car maker?
– Another turnover.
– Fight! Fight! Fight!
– First time a San Francisco quarterback has ever been intercepted in a Super Bowl. You guys were spoiled.
– Punching, grabbing, maybe even some cuss-words, but no ejections.
– Fake field goal. I love it.
– So Michelle Obama is campaigning for the NFL’s Play 60 initiative, but Mr. President isn’t sure he’d let his kids play football. Not a big deal. Maybe a little ironic, but in a free country you can do what you want.
– Almost another interception.
– Alright, Jared ate Subway, exercised, lost a ton of weight and is in a Super Bowl commercial. A random dude became a household name without help from local or federal legislation. His change was self motivated not regulated. Amazing…
– Thanks to a simple commercial I will never go to Taco Bell again.
– Flashback to when the Ravens beat my Broncos – a late bomb to Jacoby Jones for a touchdown. No need for the 49ers to panic. They’ve been down before, and their defense will step up.
– My buddy Rafael who does ocean fishing charters just posted of Facebook: “San Francisco is getting gaffed…” to which a friend replied, “get the harpoon”. Fishing humor is hilarious.
– 21-6 at the half. Foxxy Cleopatra to perform.
– I wonder why dudes keep dumping Taylor Swift. If dudes stopped dumping Taylor Swift, would her ability to write popular songs cease?
– There’s a 6-year old kid at the Super Bowl because he or she likes football who is horribly confused by the digital cloning of Beyonce, where the players went, and when they will be coming back.
– Somewhere, someone just said, “Hey, change it back to the Super Bowl” and was told, “This is it.”
– Wow. Jeep. Spending money to say something.
– I like it, but how do we need a program in which we teach our kids to play and eat healthy. Wasn’t that previously referred to as, “parenting”?

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