Day at the Expo part 1

At this point in my life going to Sportsman’s Expos is an exercise in walking, talking and looking. If I won the lottery I’d have booked a moose hunt with the dude from British Columbia. While half of the booths have been filled with people staring down at their phones, that guy reminded me how friendly Canadians can be. An interesting note, premium beer is $12 but not that nor the fact it is 10:22 am is keeping people from buying it.

10:44 – Pretzel with cheese.

11:03 – One can smell digested waste from 10 feet outside the mens room.

11:47 – For $10 parking and $15 admission you too can buy the driest worst soft taco in the universe for $6.25.

1:56 – I’ve been by every booth at the Expo and talked with most of the Alaska Lodges. There is a decided difference between the owners who are local and those who treat it like a property. However it is nice to get a little reminder of home.

2:39 – You wonder what the pros act like when they aren’t making DVD’s or videos, or being featured on the front pages of magazines.¬†Mikey Wier just showed me a photo of a steelie he caught on the American this morning. I was there not long ago and caught a few snags, but no fish. Guess that’s why he’s a pro.

3:12 – Cheeseburger.

3:41 – Guy in the fly fishing casting pool is throwing his back cast diagonally behind him and it just knocked over a demo rod. This is why I don’t practice in those ponds.

4:28 – The videos Mikey showed during his talk in the fly fishing theater were excellent, of course, because who doesn’t like looking at 30-inch brown trout?

4:45 – Time to leave. What a day.

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