Slower Lower

Guides will tell you two fish from shore on the Lower Sac in good conditions isn’t anything to be ashamed of. With the water off color I was OK with the two I landed but of course I felt that I was owed at least one more. After all, I did wake up at 4:30 and drive three hours to put my feet in the Redding section of the Lower. That should be worth a third fish or one 20 incher. I overheard the guys at The Fly Shop recommend egg patterns and micro mayflies in black when I pulled in at 7:46. I had already been digging in the micro bins so I got that rare feeling that I knew what I was doing. That ended up being what I caught both fish on. The flows are around 4700, and the normal access points from the Sundail Bridge up are good but with the color off conditions aren’t ideal. The lower on the river you get the worse the color is so if you’re hitting it from shore upper is better. Back at it tomorrow.


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