New Bern food tour part 2


I love pulled pork sandwiches. There is no need to complicate or use hyperbole because my love for them is simple and straight forward.
This morning as my brother, his wife, my nephew and some of their friends and I waded through the masses of the New Bern Mum Fest I had one serious thing on my mind. Yeah it was great to see the historic, authentic honesty of the downtown of a city founded in 1710 but I was on a mission to find real-deal Carolina pulled pork. I did get distracted by the charm of New Bern and the Fest itself. It’s hard not to. I have never been to a festival put together so well and attended by such an incredibly friendly and well-behaved mob. There were people everywhere, and it was easy to see why. There were fire engines, police K-9 demonstrations, boats, carnival rides, a Purina dog show, a wrestling expo, a puppet show and of course booths took over the entire downtown and waterfront. There were booths for art, booths for fishing, booths for Republicans and booths for Democrats. And of course, there were booths for eating. I walked over to the first booth with pulled pork and ordered. The lady didn’t ask if I wanted anything to drink. She just handed me a sweet tea and smiled. I ate the sandwich without savoring because I am awful at it. I eat faster when something is good, as if I’m expressing how much I enjoy it by sharing it with my stomach as quickly as possible. Fifteen minutes later I bought another one from a different booth, this time with slaw. I paired it with homemade root beer from a commemorative mug. The pork was equally good though the slaw booth had the advantage of another ingredient. Man New Bern tastes good. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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