Gear Review – Simms guard socks

Here’s the deal, during those hot, boulder-hopping days of summer, you don’t want to wear waders. That’s insane. But after hours of standing in cold mountain water, your feet still get cold and maybe even numb. It goes without saying that once your feet get numb, wading and climbing safely gets more difficult. Guard socks work like wet suits for your feet. A thin layer of water is allowed in then kept warm by your body heat. Since water doesn’t move in and out, the heat is not lost. It’s the perfect solution. The neoprene fits well to the shape of your feet and is durable. Grip on the bottom prevents slipping within the boot.

I forgot mine on a trip to the Upper Sac, so I stopped by The Fly Shop and bought another pair. It ended up being perfect because the next week I was able to give my buddy Danny a pair which fit into his regular hiking boots. He was a little lucky because the neoprene is thicker than hiking socks, but the socks fit in his boots without cramping.

Legs not included.

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