Fishing because I can

It’s raining today. A lot. It’s not the dry rain, the annoying rain or even regular rain – more a monsoon with the drops half as big, but the gaps between twice as small. It’s the type of rain that makes clouds look at water resistant and say, “this cheap dude could have spent another $40, let’s make him pay.” I went fishing because I could, even though I knew that the wet would creep down the sleeve of my cotton hooded sweatshirt under my rain jacket, I wanted to defy the weather. The trail flooded, and I slopped happily through.

Who doesn’t love slopping through this on the way to trouty water?

Other than ducking under a log, coming up too early and pushing my skull down into my spine, it was a beautiful day to be on the water.

The day had little color until I netted trout.
Klawock Lake cutts can get into the 20s, but I can’t seem to crack 16.
Klawock Lake Dolly and Reggie the 5-weight.

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  1. Great underwater pic.

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