Alaska Training

My two friends from California are currently enrolled in my Alaska Training Course. One of them, Danny, came up last summer, so he had some idea what to expect, but Derrick had no idea.

Heading out for King Salmon and halibut.

My buddy Abe took us out on the ocean, and we limited on king salmon their first full day in town. Neither had been out on the ocean before in such a small craft but no one got sick thanks mostly to the wind which didn’t kick up the ocean into a sloppy mess. Just before we headed back to the dock I hooked up with the biggest yellow eye of my life.

Derrick lost a few fish before landing his first salmon.
Danny with his first king salmon.
After probably 100 years of good decisions, this thing ate the wrong herring plug.

The next day we went to Whale Pass for silver salmon snagging which is legal below the river mouth.

The boys with our 18 coho salmon caught in a few hours near Whale Pass.

We’ll see what the guys are made of today when we hike up one of the local mountains in a steady rain. The trail will be absolute slop, but if they complain, they don’t get to fish.

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