Floating the Thorne

A few years ago I floated the last nine miles of the Thorne River with four other friends. It was awesome. My buddy Josh and I caught salmon from our kayaks and in the twilight around ten we ate then around a campfire.
Saturday I carefully settled into a $49.99 inflatable raft for a solo float a little further upriver. It was early, and a few weeks before the salmon start up, but there was plenty of sun and trout.

The raft was advertised as a 2-person, but sitting down my boots made a bumper.
There are tons of Dolly Varden in the Thorne River, some over 20-inches. 

Dolly Varden are viewed by many as a trash fish, but they are a great fight and tasty river-side meal.

Dolly Varden can’t resist barbell-eyed orange scuds. Even when it’s chewed to the wire wraps, the flashy tails get strikes.

The weather was beautiful. Two days before the float it as 57 and rainy. Two days after it was 57 and rainy. But the day of the float, it was 85.

The day I chose to float ended up being the hottest day of the year. Two days later it was back to 57 and rainy.

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