Napa’s finest sauce

So I’m in wine country for a week, and I have been on a mission.
A few years ago I met up with a high school classmate and her friend in Napa. I drove us up the west side, and down the east side of the valley. I had decided not to taste since I was in charge of operating the motor vehicle. By the third place I was ready for some tasting and wouldn’t you know it, it had bar-b-que sauces for sampling. I fell in love and bought one. The name of the winery then became lost in the massive amounts of important, and not so vital details of the past seven years.
So today, I had to drive with my left eye, and use my right eye ball to look for wineries that resembled the one from that glorious day. We stopped at one that had a guy meeting every car that pulled in.
“Are we expecting you?”
“Uh, no. We just wanted to check things out.”
“We require appointments.”
“Oh, well do you make really good bar-b-que sauce? I was at a place a few years ago and got some great sauce. Was that here?”
“Well, I’ve never been asked that before…I doubt it.”

So we moved on. Two wineries later, I found it. V Sattui.
My Napa trip is complete.

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