Xtra Special Xtratufs

After two summers of leaking water, I replaced my Xtratuf boots, but I didn’t throw the old ones away. They were with me through all those hours pressure-washing net pens at the fish hatchery growing up, and were of course flooded nearly every time I fished for salmon. I felt like I’d be throwing away an old friend.  It sounds a little like hyperbole, but growing up in Southeast Alaska where rain is considered liquid sunshine, Xtratufs become a part of every day life. You see them at the river, on boats, at graduation, weddings, everywhere. There are people that have tattoos of the neoprene boots.
So I California-ized mine last August rather than retiring them…

Homemade slippers.

Then on the “Photos of Xtratuf” Facebook page, I discovered an image that made my version of the Xtratuf slipper look like kindergarten arts and crafts time. I don’t know who posted the picture on the Xtratuf Facebook page or who crafted them, but they needed to be shared.

Beach boots


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  1. chrisuntangled says:

    That is awesome… I remember using rubber Cement and tire patch kits to fix holes and essentially resole the shoe… We who wear xtratufs were also shoe cobblers. Always a backup if career choice one doesn’t pan out.

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