Camp 9 part II

Middle Fork Rainbow

So after bragging to my buddy Kurt how good the fishing was yesterday despite the crowds, I convinced him to come up for a return trip. We proceeded to lose nine fish between us, some big, some small in a whole bunch of interesting ways. Three times I hooked up long enough for the fish to leave the water (one was so big it blocked out the sun) only to spit the hook. I can’t decide which is worse, to see the fish just before losing it, or allowing my imagination fill in stats. As mentioned, there were quite a few people back in there fishing the terminus of the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus, but not many fly casters. So with that, opening weekend is over.


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  1. I am heading to the North Fork this weekend to do some exploring. I have saved a couple places on google earth and a map of the area that I want to hit up on the Middle Fork soon. Glad opening weekend went well for you…well sort of.

  2. mrbrucexiong says:

    that’s one river I have yet to wet my line… nice fish 🙂

  3. mrbrucexiong says:

    that’s a river i have yet to fish.. not even the lower stan… maybe i should go there more often instead of the moke..

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