I’ll take it

Half an hour into the morning on the newly opened Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River, I had lost three fish and six flies. I had passed 11 trucks that peppered the area to get to the island that had produced last fall. It wasn’t disappointing, but I had nothing to show for it. Right across the river were two dudes spin casting and occasionally bringing in a trout. I wanted one. I finally landed a few nice rainbows around 16-inches, then hooked into a brown trout that headed down stream like a train. It was just under 20, and thick. The picture does not do it justice. I had to angle the thing just to fit it into the frame.
Needless to say, I’ll be going back tomorrow.

Bad angle for a big fish.

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  1. It doesn’t matter how it’s angled, that’s a nice fish!

    1. I agree. And if you are an angler, you always know that the fish looks so much nicer face-to-face.

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