Opening Day, Eve

If I could have been anywhere today (other than any river on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska catching steelhead), I would have been in Redding eating burgers and chili at The Fly Shop’s opening weekend BBQ. I went last year before spending two nights at the Sims Flat campground. It was awesome, both the food, company and later the big fish on the Upper Sac.
This year I am at home finishing off bacon-wrapped pork chops and watching Red Dawn. Tomorrow is still up in the air. Most of the rivers opening tomorrow will be ascended upon by eager fisherman looking for trout that haven’t been lied to since November. So do I try and beat them to the good spots, or head to a river that has been open, hoping to have it to myself?
Camp 9 road led me to nice trout last fall, but I haven’t heard what the flow is, how high Melones is, nor if the crazy spats of rain this spring have made the roads impossible to navigate. I’ve spent the last four months on the Tuolomne and lower Stanislaus. It’s been fun, but the craving for new water is great.
It’s a pretty good problem to have. No matter what I decide when I wake up tomorrow, I will have an open map that leads me to water and fish.

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  1. Good prose, dude. Well done.

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