Silent Seasons

SIlent Seasons
Edited by Russell Chatham

Stories by:
Thomas McGuane
William Hjortsberg
Jack Curtis
Harmon Henkin
Charles Waterman
Jim Harrison
Russell Chatham

I hesitate to call any of these posts, “book reviews” because I’ve been moving my simple head left to right over some of the finest prose ever written about fishing, and who am I to “review” them. I’ve been digging my way through An Anglers Bookcase in an attempt to build a library of exceptional works by authors regarded as the best. Silent Seasons is a must for anyone serious about angling literature. “Waltzing Andy” and “Grandfather” by Jack Curtis are worth the book price themselves. Just when I wanted more of Curtis, the Harmon Henkin section began. I was disappointed until about 17 words into Henkin’s first piece about bartering rifles, rods and tackle in Montana. And of course, Jim Harrison and Russell Chatham close out a book that ends far too soon.
I didn’t buy a first edition, it’s not autographed, but this is one of the most prized books on my shelf. I will loan it to no one.

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