Guam on the fly

I wish I had a story about catching something great on the fly, but I don’t. I taught my brother how to cast this morning next to a browned local who was sitting in his chair waiting for his line to get hit, much like locals do when striper fishing in the Central Valley of California. Baitfish got scared up a few times, but whatever was prowling wasn’t interested in our flies. I must say, it is nice wading in pelvis deep and not feeling cold, or worrying about flooding waders. Guam doesn’t feature bonefish or permit on any of the fishing attraction maps I have seen and I haven’t heard of anyone that has been here to fly fish. There are some nice flats, but Guam is absolutely a place that would have to be figured out by yourself. The easy accessed beaches have been fished hard by locals with spears and or nets, so larger fish wandering into range of a wading fly-caster are few and far between.¬†Subsistence fishing is done with nets or large spinning rods. Recreational fishing is done on boats. Visitors that don’t want to keep, or can’t keep their catch can sell it to a Co-Op just down the street from the dock.


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