Gear Review – TFO Finesse Series

Early on in my fly-fishing days I was of the opinion that all I really needed was a 5-weight. Soon I found that fishing for 8-pound salmon and 8-inch mountain rainbows with the same rod was absurd.
I started with a TFO Pro Series 5-weight then upgraded to a Sage VT2, but the smaller trout on more delicate rivers started a craving for a 4-weight to better match the water. A friend of mine happened into a 4-weight Sage ESN, a rod specifically made for nymphing, so he happened to give me his TFO Finesse Series 4-weight.
Since I had been fishing my Sage, I had prepared myself for a bit of a let-down. The guides and cork were of lesser quality but the rod performed. The 7’9″ TFO roll casted the same rig (attractor, midge with split shot) I threw with my Sage well once I settled into the slower action. The shorter rod made it easy to punch out from tight spots, and brought in 14-inch rainbows with ease, but arched toward the water like I’d hooked a 14-pound steelhead. It was awesome, not scary. There is a difference.
I moved spots after a days worth of trout and tested its open distance casting ability and it loaded and presented well. It wasn’t quite as responsive as a premium rod, but we’re taking about a stick a fraction of the cost.
For those looking to diversify their rods for different water on a budget, the TFO Finesse 4-weight is the perfect choice.

The TFO Finesse Series

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