Expo Recap

Of my five hours at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Sacramento, only about 45 minutes were spent outside the fly-fishing section. There were shiny things everywhere. The fly-tying experts were casually meticulous which was terribly impressive. One little kid kept bumping into the table, but that couldn’t detour one expert from finishing up midges under a lit magnifying glass. I spent a good hour standing and observing after the initial lap. If these seasoned guys had fishing highlight DVD’s, they’d probably double-up the Star Wars saga.
The best seminar (or at least the one that I gleaned the most from and was the most interested in) was Mikey Wier unpacking the Truckee River. Wier guides the Truckee and lives the fishing life that we all dream of. If only non-fishing related events such as work went as quickly as that hour…
I stopped by to see Tim Goode at the Norcalfishingnews.com booth. Goode won the Outdoor Writers Association of California’s Best Website award for 2010. It offers weekly updates on trout plants as well as news, features, how-to’s (and an occasional rambling by yours truly) for all Northern California anglers.
I also got the chance to talk to Jamie Lyle and George Revel. Revel works for Leland Fly Fishing out of San Francisco and Lyle specializes in doing video reviews for Sage rods on my “if I win the lottery” list. With each of his videos, another rod is added. This is the latest pep-talk:

I asked him if this was scripted. He said he likes to go off the cuff. Impressive.

Next up is the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton. In the mean time I’ll get back to actually fishing.

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