No need to waste time

By this time last year I had fished exactly one time and caught no fish. Thankfully I’ve had the week off from teaching so I’ve been able to spend five days on the water. Today on the Stanislaus between two-mile bar and Knights Ferry was anything but easy. I had been lulled into thinking the fish were push-overs after a couple very successful days nymphing using black birds nests and red copper johns. Today, the fish were having none of it. I switched to dries since the fish were noisily, tauntingly taking bugs off the surface. Just as I finished the knot on my caddis, the wind picked up. Perfect. I was five hours into the day, the fish were all of a sudden playing hard to get, and the wind was going to make roll-casting an adventure.
I did get one to stave off a skunking, but the fish are in my head a bit. I’ve been preparing myself for nymphing, and haven’t thought much about dries since I haven’t needed them.
I don’t have the body shades I need to tie new ones, and I lost the one the fish took in a tree.
I’m heading back there tomorrow…Oh the drama.

The only one today was a good one on an elk hair caddis.

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