The Fonz goes fishing

I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River
by Henry Winkler

I watched a few Happy Days re-runs growing up, but was never a Fonz-iac. I was intrigued by this book by Henry Winkler because it’s about an actor I know and like, that likes fly-fishing. Unfortunately I started this book while I was half-way through some Russell Chatham which was pretty unfair for Winkler because my brain was filled with the prose of an artist. Winkler is an actor that loves to fish and decided to write about it. The book is well worth the read because what it might lack in word-smithery, it makes up for with candid anecdotes about fatherhood, being dyslexic and struggling with insecurities even after being the actor behind an icon. The book makes me want to fish with the guy, not because he is The Fonz, but because he sounds like an ordinary dude – until he mentions the acting career that won him acclaim and a sacred spot on a sidewalk in Hollywood.

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