Gear Review – Sagebrush Dry Goods Daypack

I’m somewhat of an expert on things I like. I say somewhat because I can certainly be deceived by impulse. To provide an even broader swath of Christmas ideas for your family or even yourself, here’s a recommendation. With steelhead season in full swing, a dry day pack is a must. We all know what happens to water resistant bags, or water proof bags with sorry zippers.
About a year ago I happened into a Sagebrush Dry Goods day pack. This bag is awesome. For those of you have haven’t heard of this little company based out of Kake, Alaska, the designers have Patagonia on their resume, so there. With 1650 cubic inches of space for things that will be bone dry even if submerged, this pack is absolutely waterproof and anything but fragile. I’ve taken it through thick underbrush and slipped on sharp rocks but the bag is unscathed.  Straps on the side are perfect for a fly rod and the waist straps take the weight off the shoulders. It simply lacks weakness. You can buy a bag for half the price then have to get another one when it tears or the zipper leaks, or you can get one that will last.

THE Daypack

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