Spawn here!!! Just kidding

I like to fish the Stanislaus River around Knights Ferry. I complained about being unable to fish it due to the amount of water being released from Goodwin Dam numerous times but there are bigger things at work than my fishing preferences.
When the season ended, it ended to provide salmon a peaceful place to spawn.
Apparently the end of the season ended up being the end of thousands of salmon.
Aside from a two week stretch in late August and early September (where flows were in the 400s) the Stanislaus had been roaring.
The flow didn’t drop below 2100 until October 26 allowing fish access to nice slow water perfect for spawning. They spawned. A week later the reading at Goodwin Dam just up river from Knights Ferry was at 700 and has been in the 500s since.
So fish that survived the river as fry, the trip to the Delta as smolt, a long sweeping circle into Alaskan water as adults then back down to the cloudy Bay water, past tricky sloughs to the clear high flows at Knights Ferry spawned and died, their job finished. Then someone turned off the water, leaving those nice smooth runs perfect for redds dry rock trails. Nice work.

Here’s the link to the article in the Stockton Record – 

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