Worth the cost?

So with the rod in a tight arc, net ready to scoop, this thing charges right at me and my rod snaps. My fault for playing it into such a potentially hazardous curve, but it happens I guess. Nice Middle Fork brown though.

The rod-breaking brown, re-hooked after thrashing in the net.
Busted TFO

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  1. Best part of a TFO rod is the warranty; send them the busted rod and $20 and get a new one back in a week or two.

  2. Yep. Broke the tip in Alaska two summers ago, so this will be my second send-in.

  3. Muhammad says:

    I just got into fly fishing when trefoutst was going on. On thursday I bought a TFO 9ft rod and it’s a 5 wt. It’s amazing! I love it. I can cast it pretty well for me having it for only 2 days. I had a casting lesson so that helped alot. Today I went to the Guadalupe river and caught 7 little bass. So much fun. Fly fishing is way more fun than regular fishin to me.

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