New water

So after a poor day fishing yesterday on the North Fork of the Stanislaus the winter storm came, which ended up being a good thing. Just past Arnold this morning, I was plowing the road for the snow plow. I decided new water was better than hypothermia, putting my truck in the ditch or whatever else was waiting if I continued up the Sierra.
I took Camp 9 road just east of Angels Camp to where the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus meets New Melones. Kokanee are running up the river to spawn. That brings rainbows eager to gorge themselves on eggs. That, of course, brings fishermen. Below the mouth were half a dozen anglers spin casting. In the moving water above were just as many casting with flies. I could probably reach into something symbolic but I won’t get into it now.
I’d like to say my first fish on this part of the Middle Fork had a good story behind it, but the reality is I foul-hooked a rotting Kokanee in the back with a No. 12 bead headed prince nymph. Whoops.

Snagged in the back.  

I got into some rainbows later and a few Kokanee the traditional way.

Fell for a No. 12 prince
Check out that rotting nose

On the drive home I was excited after a good day on the water and equally disappointed I hadn’t journeyed down Camp 9 road before.
Trout season is open for another week on the Middle Fork…hmmm

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