Ending with a whimper

The last rainbow on the Lower Stanislaus. Caught over a month ago.

Trout Tuesday had no fall season. In previous years there were at least a few times in the spring and fall we’d head out for an hour or two on the lower Stanislaus River around Knights Ferry for some afternoon fly fishing to unwind. While tomorrow marks the official end of the fishing season on the lower Stan, it’s really been over since the second weekend in September. That’s the last time the flow was reasonable (around 400 cfs). Since then the powers that be have let water out of Goodwin Dam at a 2000 cfs clip. So the weekday afternoon trips there for a little fly fishing have been non-existent.
Thankfully I have made enough drives to less regulated waters on the upper Stan and upper Sacramento to keep me sane. It is a little frustrating, but there are obviously more details in play than my wanting to fish. Actually, it’s the latest in a long line of realities that include my summer trips to Alaska.
I can only keep one king salmon a year when I go back to Prince of Wales Island since I am no longer a resident.¬†Halibut fishing has changed too. It’s the way things are.
So until 2012 little rainbows…

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