Well what about this?

There is a definite irony in fishermen, hunters and general outdoorsmen having and updating blogs frequently. I mean, aren’t we the ones that are the biggest advocates for lives afield? Unplug, get out, we say, then we come home to our computers, log on and type bursts – funny.
I guess it shows how much the technological revolution with regards to communication has changed how things are done. It’s not that I’d rather be at home watching videos online about the newest Loop reels and Sage rods, but it’s all there and handy, unlike a river with solitude and trout, so why not? I guess it would only be a problem if sitting at home ended up replacing swinging flies or hurling projectiles toward animals in an attempt to make nature the grocery store.

This thought, of course, was spawned by me sitting at home mostly ignoring the World Series in favor of a John Gierach book about fly-fishing.
Five pages in I read this:
“Cell phones have changed us from a nation of self-reliant pioneer types into a bunch of men standing alone in supermarkets saying, ‘Okay, I’m in the tampon aisle, but I don’t see it.’ ”
Now here I am, updating my blog.


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