How can I get a raft?

The Same River Twice
A Boatman’s Journey Home
By Michael Burke

I like memoirs because life is interesting enough if the story is told well. Burke guided whitewater rafting trips on the Stanislaus River in California which is discussed before he goes on a journey to Alaska to trace the history of a distant relative who piloted ships in Southeast Alaska and Canada. How much more do you need to know? It has California rafting history, Alaskan rafting and gold rush history and is written by a man struggling to keep his life dynamic as a husband and father. He leaves behind his pregnant wife for the mid-life crisis-combating trip starting in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia and ending (three rivers later) near Juneau, Alaska. It’s wild, well-written and will send you to your computer to Google images of these rivers, mountains and even some history. This book made an inflatable raft supplanted my want for a premium fly rod for at least two weeks as I researched rivers to float both in California and Alaska. I didn’t end up getting the raft, but I do have my eye on some water.

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