The key is diversity

From my spot mid-river I saw a lady casting a heavy rig into the current right where I wanted to fish next. She stood holding her spinning rod as I went through a few rainbow and brown trout on a Royal Wulff dry fly. I saw her husband move down to talk to her, so I decided to move up well above them, but talk along the way.
The husband made the first move.
“You a fly guy, huh?”
“Yep, any luck?”
“Water is down quite a bit from a few weeks ago.”
“Yeah. They really seem to like those flies.” He wore the face of a hungry angler, either for a new challenge, or because he was being out-fished by his wife.
“Do you fly fish?”
“No.” He said shortly.
They had no fish on the bank, though they had caught a few further up he said.
In the slower pools their Power Bait had been true, now they were struggling in the lower, faster water while I was getting great action with dry flies. The overwhelming majority of fish I have caught I have not seen through the whole process. I have seen trout and salmon materialize as I am watching my spinner or fly just in time to take it, but I have to rely mostly on trust and instinct.

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