A shameless plug

I’ve had a few more than a ton of people ask me about taking trips to Alaska.
I don’t mind providing input, because a trip to the 49th state usually results not only a personal revelation for the visitor, but also an explanation for others as to why I see certain things the way I do.
It isn’t written, but island living clearly states that a person shall not be judged by their lawn, nor shall the expanse of one’s house equate to success or status.
Not that the denizens of rural Alaska are lazy primitives that barter otter skins and don’t know what a rake is, but how can you have a strong community if you spend all afternoon fretting over lawns? Plus, how do you keep weeds from running amok and a lawn from turning to moss when it rains 110 inches a year?
Fish first, weed-eat later.
The resulting culture of a community that defines materialism more by tools to fill the freezer than articles to look good is refreshing to many…
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