Royal relief

I can count on one hand the number of days on which I broke something worth $500.
In fact, I can count on one finger, the number of days on which I broke something worth half a grand. The day I hit a deer with mom’s truck doesn’t count because the truck still worked, though the deer didn’t.
Anyway, this morning I turned my 9-foot 5-weight Sage VT2 4-piece fly rod into a 6-piece. Sage offers a lifetime warranty which means I will get my favorite rod back in a few weeks, but the upcoming Upper Sacramento trout trip will have to be with a backup rod, or a 7 weight. The point I guess is that I put together a special savings account just to afford a rod that was maybe a little beyond my pay scale, then I fall in love and go and break it.
Fortunately today’s trip to the Upper Stanislaus River was far from ruined. I moved my TFO to the top of the depth chart and caught a bunch of trout on a pair of Royal Wulff’s. On the drive home I wondered what I would be spending my money on if I didn’t have a fishing habit and figured I’m pretty smart, and that it’s all been worth it.


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