Give me a mullet and a maple leaf?

There were four hours today that I would have rather been in Canada. That was a first.

Well, maybe that’s a little inaccurate, you can’t say “steelhead” and not think “British Columbia” and Canada has a plethora of wild outdoor opportunities. Canadian people are also terribly friendly (except after losing the Stanley Cup) which is refreshing, so as a human that appreciates courtesy, fishing and true wilderness, I’ll reduce the comment to the simple act of navigation.
Even if Canadians are listening to hockey on the radio, they use the left lane for passing only. Cars, trucks and Zamboni’s neatly drift down the asphalt’s right side leaving the passing lane open for feisty motorists. Today during my 6 hour odyssey from Oceanside to Manteca, California through Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Fresno, I lost count of rigs spewing smoke in the left lane while going 57. I wasn’t even in a rush, but when people get in their little day-dream world, or on their cell phones and lose touch with reality and the natural flow of traffic, the drive goes from boring to excruciating.
I smell a column.

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