The Fly Shop – Redding, California

I ordered half a dozen prince nymphs and while false casting on the Stanislaus River the hook broke leaving me with just the eye. It was just one hook, but I emailed Tim Fox at The Fly Shop and he not only apologized and said he would do the necessary research, he gave me a store credit. I had started my email to him with the line, “I am not looking for compensation” because I was a fly-fishing neophyte and was bound to lose that fly in a bush, but he credited me anyway, even for the hooks that didn’t fail. That is the type of business The Fly Shop is. I have bothered employees with emails and phone calls about flows, rigs, fishing reports, recommendations and guides to which they enthusiastically respond. Yes it is their job, but I’ve been pushed off the phone by fly shops before, and we all know that if the cable or phone company says it’s coming between 8am and 5pm, that means tomorrow at 5:45. Though I enjoy giving my local shop business, The Fly Shop fills in any gear and pattern gaps and the online fishing report is a great resource for Northern California anglers.

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