Oh the Elk Hair Caddis

The blue copper john is my go-to pattern on the Upper Stanislaus. In fact there are days I use nothing else because there is no need. Today I had none in my box and with finger-length trout eating surface flies, I decided on a caddis despite not being much of a dry-fly fisher. I don’t know why it is I rarely fish dry flies. It could be that Alaska calls for streamers and wet patterns and I simply haven’t diversified my casting in California.  So I’m glad today happened, because you need days like today to figure out what kind of fisherman you are.
I worked the caddis hard and diligently and caught just as many fish as I ever had with my blue copper john. Only a few of the fish were hefty, but those little ones that you think would be pushovers make you work and punish you for lazy drifts and poor casts.

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