Upper Sacramento September 3-4

Camped at Sims Flat and walked a few miles down river. First time I have ever been happy my waders had a leak as it was pretty warm walking on those train tracks all day. Caught fish on no. 16 red copper john, black birds nest, stonefly nymph, mostly the recommended patterns from The Fly Shop in Redding.

Tip – Bring a water filter on warm afternoons. That will improve your walking range and not weigh you down. Filter is light and you will never get dehydrated.

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  1. Donna goulart says:

    It sounds like you are speaking a foreign language with the red copper birds nest stonefly stuff, but the important thing to know is does The Fly Shop still carry feathers for the girls hair???
    Thanks, Donna

  2. Danny says:

    I got a light birds nest fly caught in my hair at one point. Does that count?

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