“To the elders, who remember”

The Last Light Breaking
by Nick Jans

Nick Jans has been one of my favorite columnists, possibly because he tells Alaska so well. While he is probably best known for his book Grizzly Maze, The Last Light Breaking about living among the Inupiat Eskimos in northern Alaska is an unmatched look into living with and ‘getting’ a people. At times, authors immerse themselves and can end up shifting the focus from the people, to themselves or believe that after 12 months they understand what it is to be a part of that culture. He lived there for 20 years. Jans provides an authentic look at the culture and history of the Inupiat people without trying to reduce them to 212 pages. This book has everything from hunting grizzly bear to the passion of arctic high school basketball presenting both like few have read, let alone seen.

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